Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Rabbit Habit

I am making a confession here...I LOVE Rabbits.  I have a pretty big collection of them.  This started out to be my Easter tablescape, but two tiny little kittens changed all that.  My neighbor appeared on my doorstep in mid April, first with one baby kitten with its eyes still closed...and then rang the doorbell again with the second one.  I knew they wouldn't make it unless I fed them every two hours.  I put all my efforts into saving these little tykes. They are now juvenile delinquents who use our heads for spring boards while playing, and doing well, so I thought..."Gee...I never did post my Easter table".

So...instead of calling it Easter about just calling this  "Showing you some of my Rabbit Stuff."

I love this tablecloth and napkins that matched, found at an estate sale, of course.  I put a white vinyl covering with a flannel back under it...that protects my table, since I never was able to afford table pads.  I chose the pink placemats because I thought they were so pretty.  Love the satin damask look.  All 4 were found at an estate sale for $3.

I have to admit...I splurged on these little rabbit cupcake stands.  I bought four of them on sale from the Pottery Barn, months and months ago.  I coveted them ever since I saw them on Susan's table at "Between Naps On The Porch".

I'm constantly looking for cabbage plates now.  Found 4 of these at an estate sale.  I really want a set of the Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage dinner plates, and I have passed up some at estate sales that were just too expensive.  I'm sure I'll run across some at a reasonable price one of these days.  I just have to be on the lookout.  

I've collected Rabbits over the least 40 years.  This large rabbit was purchased at a store that was called the Christmas store (not the Christmas Tree store that is there now) in Altamonte Springs, but it was the kind of store you shopped all year.  The family that owned it closed it after many years and I was devastated.  They nicknamed me "The Lady With The Rabbit Habit"...can't imagine why!  The eggs I found at Marshalls.

The rabbit candleholders were found at the same sale that the napkin rings and rabbit pitcher were found.  I think the former owner also had a "Rabbit Habit".

A close up of these darling rabbit napkin rings.  I found 12 of them at an estate sale!

These Hydrangea plates are one of my favorite finds at an estate sale.  It was at the Countess sale in Winter Springs that I found these...along with 4 white ones, and 4 blue ones.  Also Teapot (white) and mugs, sugar and creamers in white and pink.  I just used the pink for now, saving the others for another time.

The Pink Hydrangea sugar and creamer.

These Indiana Madrid pattern glasses called to me the minute I stepped into an estate sale in a subdivision near me called "Sleepy Hollow".  There were 8 of them and I was so happy to get them at half price.  Aren't they beautiful?

This was found at the same estate sale the napkins were found.

I do LOVE this silverplate flatware I found at another estate sale...(getting to be a broken record isn't it, but we have so many around here and things sell for so little it's amazing).  This pattern is William Rogers Chalice (also known as Harmony and Jasmine).  It's in perfect condition and polishes up so nice.

The silver chargers were also found at the Countess estate sale in Winter Springs.

My daughter gave me these Wallace Baroque pattern silverplate salt and pepper shakers.  She found them in the garage at an estate sale, black with tarnish...can you believe it?  She paid $5 for them.

The bunny plant pot was also found at the Countess sale...I've had the large Rabbit with the cabbage, and the silk cabbage that's in the pot for years.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this tablescape and some of my rabbit habit...I could fill a lot more posts with more rabbits, and I probably will, LOL
Love and hugs to you all,

Oh...I almost forgot...thank you, thank you Diane @ Confessions of the Obsessed, for sending me the instructions for linking to link parties.  I will be trying it soon...