Sunday, October 20, 2013

To Help My Friend Mona

Why Floridians keep their doors locked, LOL

This is an experiment to see if I can help my friend Mona who is having trouble uploading pictures to her blog.  I suspect that she's already gotten her limit with Picasa, which I think is the default when you upload pictures from your computer.  They automatically go to a Picasa account, which can finally require you to pay for more least I think that's what happened.

So...I uploaded a picture to Photobucket, which is free, then used the "url" option to upload go to the picture in your Photobucket on it...and on the right hand side will be choices for codes to paste in the "url window"...I clicked on the "Direct Link" and it automatically copies that address.  Then you come back to blogger and paste that url.  Not sure how we do multiple images all at once though.

This picture is showing up on my to publish it and see if it disappears or if it stays.  Maybe this will work for Mona.

Love to you all...I am working on my Halloween Tablescape...just not satisfied with what I'm creating so far...